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Efficient Processing

In today's competitive marketplace, returns must be handled quickly and efficiently. The SkuTouchâ„¢ Software Suite was designed to meet these needs.
  • Key clients receive credit in a timely manner.
  • Current stock levels are tracked accurately.
  • Root-cause analysis is performed properly.
  • Incoming packages are identified and processed efficiently.
The SkuTouch® Software Suite is a touch-screen/voice-activated system. Clients using this system realize cost savings of nearly 70% and have reduced processing, crediting and information collection times to mere minutes.

The SkuTouch® Software Suite offers seamless integration with client accounting and warehouse management systems through local, national or international channels or via the World Wide Web.

For our clients wishing to outsource returns processing due to space, time or other constraints, SkuTouch offers a Central US Returns Center. The SkuTouch® Software Suite rapidly reconciles, processes, and distributes returns and can be linked to a number of outside warehousing sites to offer virtually unlimited storage space to our clients.

SkuTouch® Solutions Processing Technology

SkuTouch® Software Suites
The SkuTouch® Software Suites are customized to meet your organizational structure from single site/single client to multi-site/multi-client operations.

Built on current Microsoft® operating environments, the bundled modules can scale to your particular location(s) needs. The applications support both Windows XP Professional™ workgroup and Windows 2003 Server ™ networking environments. The strategic mix of both desktop and browser based applications is designed to balance the needs of reporting access with the high availability control required in a returns processing environment.

* SkuDock™
   Single Client
   Single Site
* SkuAuthorize™ - - -
* SkuVerify™ - - -
* Module available as stand-alone product
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