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SkuTouch is seeking additional talented individuals with a passion for solving client challenges. SkuTouch employs company representatives in technical, sales and service positions. As a representative, you must have both written and verbal communication skills to facilitate our company's client relationships. Additionally, based upon position, industry knowledge is necessary.

   • Computer Technical:

SkuTouch has been successful in employing long-term independent contractors and full-time technical associates to develop its suite of products. To ensure continuity of client relations and application system design, this trend will continue. SkuTouch utilizes a formal project management methodology throughout a project. This process starts during the sales cycle and concludes with implementation and lessons learned reviews.

   • Computer Personnel:

To further the company's technology SkuTouch is looking for IT professionals who are versed in of C#.Net, ASP.Net, Visual Source Safe, SQL2005, SQL 2005 Reporting and SQL 2005 BI tool sets in both client/server and web-based applications.

   • Materials Handling:

   • Sales Personnel:

SkuTouch is seeking talented sales individuals who can use their industry contacts and experience to further the growth of the company. The company is currently undergoing expansion and designated sales territories may be available for the right candidate to develop and manage.

Attractive compensation and growth packages are available for individuals exhibiting the desired qualities.

To apply for a position, please send resume to
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